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Tips for Successful Tummy Time

You now have an itty bitty on your caseload. Here are some tools to help you answer the questions from the new parents: Why is it important? How do I get my baby to like tummy time? When do I start? New parents can have LOTS of questions and we has pediatric physical therapist can help bridge the gap and provide much needed answers. I hope this short guide will help encourage successful time with little patients.

What is tummy time?
Tummy time is time during the day that the child is supervised, awake, and positioned on their stomach whether it be on the floor, in the caregiver’s arms, or on the caregiver’s chest. There are SO many ways to do tummy time throughout the day!

Why is tummy time important?
When a child is positioned on their stomach it encourages strengthening of the back, head/neck, arms/chest, and core muscles while the baby works against gravity. Tummy time is also a great tool to support developmental milestones and help prevent torticollis and plagiocephaly.

When can I start?
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends starting tummy time activities as early as the baby’s first day home from the hospital and as soon as the pediatrician feels it is safe.

Successful Tummy Time Tips:

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