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Why Home Therapy May Give You the Flexibility You’re Looking For

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If you are looking for a therapist job that offers flexible hours, a Home Health position might be ideal for you. As a Home Health therapist, you create your own schedule by selecting patients and their treatment times. Week by week you are able to plan a schedule that works best for you and your needs. Home Health jobs give therapists the flexibility to balance both home life and their workload well. KidsCare Home Health truly cares about supporting our employees and providing this balance for our therapists. We realize that many therapists are working parents and need home and work life balance in order to successfully care for patients.

Why Pediatric Home Health?

At KidsCare Home Health, we offer many perks that support a flexible career in therapy. Our therapists are given consolidated caseloads to reduce the amount of mileage that is driven from patient to patient as much as possible. In addition to shorter driving distances, you are given a company car to use after being with KidsCare for one year. This allows our therapists the option to use a company vehicle to drive to patients and not worry about driving, maintaining or adding mileage to personal vehicles for work purposes. Our goal is to provide our employees with benefit plans that fit their needs and give them everything they need to succeed.

Being out of a conventional workspace gives you flexibility to provide clinical care in different settings. With that comes many advantages if you are an individual that thrives working independently and enjoys having autonomy. Instead of working in a setting where you have the same hours every week, having a flexible schedule allows you additional flex time for personal needs and allows you to work the hours when you are most productive.

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At KidsCare Home Health, we value work-life balance and flexibility for our therapists. If you are searching for a rewarding and flexible career in pediatrics, contact one of our recruiters or apply to one of our open positions at KidsCare Home Health today!

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