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As KidsCare Home Health celebrates its 20th anniversary, we take pride in being awarded four Top Workplaces 2023 Awards in the key areas of:

  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Purpose and Values
  • Work-Life Flexibility

As KidsCare celebrates its 20th anniversary, we take pride in these cultural awards because it’s not just a Top Place to work, but specifically, we have been highlighted in these key areas.

For Cortney and Jason Baker, it was important to them that not only this be a safe place to work for people, but that they would come to work every day feeling valued and appreciated. As she shares in her interview “I was tired of feeling like an undervalued employee…which is why I started KidsCare.” She often refers to her goal for this company to be the “Chick-fil-A” of health care, in both how it’s run, but also that it is always “our pleasure” to serve you.

“Family comes first!” Cortney shares. KidsCare strives to create a workplace culture that is both cohesive but also gives employees the ability to take care of their families. Our award this year in “Work-Life Flexibility” shows that our employees agree with that goal and have felt that they have been given the opportunity to have a flexible work-life balance.

KidsCare leaders are innovative, always coming up with new ways to take care of their employees and the Human Resources department is constantly coming up with new and creative ways to take care of the staff located in the Addison office (KidsCare Headquarters) with everything from the C.A.R.E. carts – rounding the office with snacks and goodies in the afternoon for a “pick-me-up” to Ice Cream socials in the break room on a random Tuesday.

KidsCare was founded on core values of Commitment, Accountability, Results, and Ethics – our mission to C.A.R.E. for our patients and employees is part of what makes up our purpose and values within the company and made it so easy for us to win an award in this department as well.

The Leadership here strives to make themselves approachable, and problem-solvers whether it’s in Oregon, or back at our home office in Addison. Last month, KidsCare leadership took time out of their busy schedules to recognize those who have stood out this past year in every department. Each Director/Executive had a chance to recognize someone on their team at our 20th Anniversary Banquet to share the excellent work each member has done this year. They prepared speeches and shared small anecdotes about their team. Because here at KidsCare, everyone – even at the tip-top, C.A.R.E.S!

Take a look at our night together celebrating 20 years of KidsCare, hosted by our very own, Cortney and Jason Baker.

“To the employees of KidsCare, THANK YOU. Thank you for choosing us.

Because we know you could go anywhere and work.”


– Dr. Cortney Baker, SLP, Owner and CEO.

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