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This Christmas, if you’re searching for some sensory-sensitive toys for your kids, look no further! We have the 2023 sensory gift-guide for you! Thanks to our friends at Autism Community Store. We’ve got toys and links for you!

The purpose of sensory toys is to help kids (and adults) with special needs, ADHD, anxiety, Autism, etc. to focus on building skills such as fine motor, gross, tactile, oral motor, and even assist with calming and stress-relief. These are great items to utilize inside your home on a daily basis, and also have on hand when your pediatric home health therapist comes in for a session. We love being able to get creative with our plans of care with what we have around the home, but it’s also great to have some of these items that we know work so well for our awesome kids!

Here are some of the great sensory toys that we recommend!

Creature Commforts Weighted Lap Pad

The lap pads are utilized for kids with Autism or SPD as a way to provide sensory input and relaxation.

Liquid Motion Gravity Bubbler

This is a small, inexpensive item to include in stockings or to add to another gift to help with focus.

Tangle Jr. Textured

This is a great tactical fidget item – multi-colored and textured to provide extended time of fun for kids as well as a great stress reliever. Order one for your child, and one for you to use in those stressful meetings!

Spectra Spinner

The spectra spinner is a great visual, light-up toy that helps those craving some stimulation.

Creature Commforts Weighted Sensory Frog

Any of the weighted blankets, or animals are great for relaxation and stress relief. These are great for children with sensory processing disorder – it provides sensory and tactile support!

Peanut Ball

The peanut ball provides better stability than a regular circular ball. This can be used for exercise techniques, balance training and proprioceptive activities. They are easy to inflate and are fun for everyone!

Cando Balance Wobble Board

This is one of the inexpensive options to help with balance training and proprioceptive awareness.

Squeezy Peezy NeeDoh Stress Ball

This is a great stress-relief item for your child with Autism, ADHD, anxiety and other sensory disorders.

Pig Popper Toy

This is a great toy for kids with Autism or other special needs to practice their fine motor skills and other skills that are associated with handwriting skills.

Sand ‘n Splash Activity Table

This is a great item for practicing fine motor skills, tactile play as well as sensory by interchanging the different textures placed inside the table.

Pop-It Ball

It’s POP-u-LAR! This is a great, small and affordable sensory toy to take with you on the go, or even to carry in your purse for when you need something to keep their minds stimulated during an errand or activity.

Door Pong-Doorway Ping Pong

Assisting with Gross-Motor play – this game is great for exercise purposes, improving concentration, cooperative play skills and can be played with more than one person!