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See Information Regarding the COVID-19 Virus


COVID-19 Letter in English

Carta COVID-19 en español

MIS-C Letter in English

Carta MIS-C en español

KCHH Parents,

KCHH is continuing to follow local and national health department and emergency management situation reports regarding confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

Keeping our families and staff healthy is a community effort. The KCHH policy regarding any/all
illness, including COVID-19, is as follows:

Additional information on COVID-19 is available by calling the DSHS COVID-19 Call Center: 1-877-570-9779 from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Friday, by emailing coronavirus@dshs.texas.gov, or by visiting the CDC website.
Flu and COVID-19 share many characteristics, but there are some key differences between the two. Here is a link from the CDC on Similarities and Differences between Flu and COVID-19​: cdc.gov/flu/symptoms/flu-vs-covid19.htm

We will continue to keep you all abreast if any additional information needs to be disseminated.

Thank you!!
The KCHH Management Team

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