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Three Things Recent Graduates and New Hires Often Overlook When Starting Their Career

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Congratulations, you’ve graduated! Now it’s time to look at positions, companies, and start your career. This can be both an exciting and overwhelming process. We’ve put together three factors that are important to consider but often overlooked when looking at career options.

Professional Development

Professional development should be ongoing and shouldn’t end after you graduate. Being provided the opportunity to keep learning and thrive in your career is invaluable. Does the company you’re looking at encourage growth in your chosen field? Look for an organization that lets you grow with them and has leadership roles for you to be promoted to. Does the company offer you the opportunity to learn new skills and stay up to date in your field? Ask prospective employers if they offer continuing education classes and training. Does the company provide opportunities for you to have a mentor or adviser within the organization? Being paired with a mentor can be important to your career since it will give you someone to guide you through new workplace situations and provide advice from an experienced perspective.

At KidsCare Home Health we offer free in-house CEUs, mentoring programs and have added leadership roles that come with minimal stress levels. Your success is our focus; KidsCare invests in your future and helps you become the therapist you have always desired to be.

Commute Time

When looking at a new job, the commute between home and work is an important factor in job satisfaction but sometimes overlooked especially for those who haven’t experienced a long commute length before. Research has shown that there is a direct link between commute time and happiness in your job. Longer commute times mean the stress of more time on the road versus more personal time, sitting in traffic, and the high cost of tolls, gas and parking. Look for a company that supports flexible work arrangements and helps alleviate your commute stress and costs. This could include flexibility in your work schedule, reimbursement for commute costs, and close proximity to your home.

At KidsCare Home Health, we value work-life balance and flexibility for our therapists. Our benefits for our therapists include a flexible schedule (ability to choose patients and treatment times), consolidated caseloads (shorter driving distances) and mileage reimbursement.

Company Values and Culture

You’ll tend to love your job when your values are in line with the company you’re working for, but how can you determine a culture fit before actually working there? Research what the mission and core principles are for any company you’re looking at. To get a sense of a company’s culture, look at its website and social media accounts. What is important to the company? How is the company promoting a positive culture? How are employees appreciated and celebrated? What type of social activities are offered by the company?

At KidsCare Home Health, we put ethics as our top priority and ethics is a big part of our C.A.R.E. mission: Commitment. Accountability. Results. Ethics. We are committed to providing a nurturing work environment where everyone is accessible and our employees feel connected.

Come work for a company that supports you daily in your professional development and your work environment and puts employees’ needs first. At KidsCare Home Health, we are always looking for talented people to join our KidsCare family! Visit our careers page to view available positions in Texas, Colorado and Idaho.

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