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In this complicated medical landscape, the difference between caretaker options can often come across as confusing to families looking into the best pediatric home care services for their child with special needs. One of the most prominent cases is trying to break down the difference between Skilled Nursing Visits and Pediatric Private Duty Nurses. While the two may appear very similar, both practitioners offer their own special skill sets that must be considered based on your family’s unique needs.

The Similarities Between Skilled Nursing Visits and Pediatric Private Duty Nursing

Both Skilled Nursing Visits and Pediatric Private Duty Nursing have several performance similarities and some mirrored requirements based on your child’s special needs. First and foremost, in order to qualify for both Skilled Nursing and Pediatric Private Duty Nursing visits, your child must have medical needs that meet the necessary criteria to warrant a doctor prescribing their services. Both nurses must be licensed in their practicing state and should be extensively trained to work with children. Skilled and Private Duty Nurses perform their duties by providing direct nursing care to your child, while also taking the time to train and educate parents and caregivers.

What are Skilled Nursing Visits?

Skilled Nursing Visits are typically very similar to the medical care a child would receive in a hospital or nursing facility. These service visits are not full nursing shifts and often take place in shorter, intermittent or part-time sessions. Performed services can include wound care, monitoring vital signs/medical equipment, administering medication, or physical therapy. One of the largest differentiators, however, is that care from a Skilled Nurse is often short-term, meaning this service is more temporary or situational with an end-point of treatment established from the beginning of care. These services are most warranted for families looking for short-term and more flexible care for a specific medical need, but do not require assistance in their day-to-day tasks.

What Is Pediatric Private Duty Nursing?

Conversely, Pediatric Private Duty Nursing is a service focusing on serving children who may require regular assistance within their daily activities and care. PDN services are typically one-to-one and long-term, with the average shift of a Private Duty Pediatric Nurse exceeding eight or more hours per day. While a Private Duty Nurse typically performs similar medical actions and duties as Skilled Nurses, they also provide continuous companionship and support in order to respite care and extend freedom for parents and primary caregivers. Pediatric Private Duty Nurses are the best choice for children whose special needs may require higher than average or constant monitoring and medical management.

Is your family looking to explore pediatric home care service options for your child with special needs? Contact us to begin the conversation over how we can help provide your child with the best care for their unique needs.

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