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KidsCare Telemedicine Services

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, KidsCare Home Health is using telehealth to maintain access to physical, occupational and speech therapy services for our patients and their caregivers. KidsCare Home Health has provided the opportunity for telemedicine visits in an effort to keep our families and staff healthy while still delivering quality health care.

What is telehealth therapy?

Telehealth physical, occupational, and speech therapy uses electronic telecommunication technologies (audio and video) to provide therapy services, instead of being done in-person. Telehealth therapy allows the therapist and patient to be in different locations and still conduct home therapy sessions.

What is required for telehealth sessions?

Any telehealth sessions need to be physician ordered and a change order is required by your Primary Care Physician. Consent for telemedicine visits must be given by the caregiver. During a telemedicine visit, there must be a caregiver over the age of 18 present. Adequate video and audio capability is required for telemedicine sessions.

Will the telehealth sessions be as effective as in-person sessions?

Although telehealth therapy visits are not completed with the therapist in the home, services provided will be equal to in-person services in terms of quality and length of session. At KidsCare Home Health we take great pride in providing compassionate and personalized care to help improve the lives of the children and families we serve and that doesn’t change for telehealth visits. Sessions will still be with a licensed therapist and HIPAA requirements are being met at each session.

How is KidsCare Home Health ensuring the quality of telehealth visits?

Our founder’s belief is that therapy is most effective when conducted one-on-one, in a familiar environment that includes family members and caregivers. With telehealth visits, our sessions are still conducted one-on-one with the child in their home environment. Caregiver education is provided at each telehealth session and translators are available for video sessions. In-person evaluations and sessions are available to maintain comprehensive and appropriate treatment plans.

KidsCare Home Health is committed to providing the highest quality pediatric home health care services to children with special needs in Texas, Colorado and Idaho. With the COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak, telemedicine visits have helped us improve access to these critical services for our patients while maintaining social distancing and avoiding person to person contact.

We are thrilled to provide the Same High Quality Therapy with more Options during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak. Please contact us at 877.200.8152 or to learn more!

“KidsCare is a super awesome place / program. I have 2 therapists with KidsCare Home Health and my son is only 2 and loves them! Thanks for all your hard work. Even through COVID-19, you’re still making it safe and happen. Thanks a lot!” -Shea B.

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