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4 Questions Therapists Should Ask About Their Current Job

Are you looking for something that is more flexible with great pay? Does your current job support your lifestyle or pace of life? Are you currently employed but are looking to see what other therapy positions are out there now? No matter what stage you are at in your job hunting process, make sure you take note of these important questions to ask your future employer!

What Benefits does this company offer?

The most common therapist benefits offered by employers are medical, dental, vision insurance and 401k. KidsCare offers all of those and many more like auto allowance which provides allotted amount based on your caseload. Consolidated caseload means a shorter driving distance which in turn helps our therapists get to their patients to provide service. After a year at KidsCare, they provide you with a vehicle for work purposes. If you are interested in relocating, KidsCare can help with that too. When looking at companies to work for, it’s easy to spot the ones who make it their goal to provide their employees with everything they need to succeed.

Do they offer CEU’s accreditations?

As a therapist, getting your continuing education unit credits done annually are a must in order to renew your license. The ability to get them completed in-house for free is a plus! Typically, a lot of CEU’s are free but are not convenient to attend and the topics may not be very interesting. Most of the programs that cover interesting topics are costly and employers usually do not pay for them. Jot down which companies offer in-house CEU’s. It is important to work for a company that cares about furthering their employees education and has advancement opportunities within the company.

Does this company offer any flexibility in scheduling?

Whether you’re a working parent that needs a flexible schedule to be with your children or are just looking for a job that offers flexible hours. A home health position might be a great fit for you. Did you know that there are therapist positions out there that allow you to create your own schedule by selecting patients and times that work best for you? Home Health therapist jobs are changing the way therapy is provided and grants therapists the flexibility to balance both home life and their workload well. This is a great perk you should be aware of as a therapist. If home health peaks your interest–research more and start applying for these jobs at reputable places like KidsCare Home Health.

What does the Company’s Culture look like?

This is really important when interviewing or looking to apply, culture sets companies apart and can really impact your success, happiness, and engagement as an employee. Choosing a company based on fit is critical. Keep in mind that every company will differ in culture. Throughout your application process look at a company’s social media and observe what sets their company culture apart.

KidsCare has a very unique, family-friendly culture. Often times KidsCare may hold meetings at breweries, interview candidates at coffee shops, have outings to celebrate monthly birthdays, serve the community and of course internal holiday parties for their employees. Take a look at KidsCare’s company culture today!

During your job hunting process, get organized and create a list of companies you are applying to. Include what benefits they offer, what their company culture looks like, and any other questions unique to their company that you can ask an interviewer. Do your research! All of these questions are important when deciding on the company you want to move forward with. Update your resume and begin the application process to obtaining the rewarding job you deserve. Contact one of our Recruiters or apply to one of our open positions at KidsCare today!

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