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KidsCare’s long-standing mission statement is as follows:

[We are] committed to building out the foundation of changing lives through C.A.R.E.

Our (CARE) acronym stands for Commitment, Accountability, Results, and Ethics

This year, KidsCare Home Health won the Top Workplaces 2023 award. We are so excited to win another year of being one of the best workplaces for our employees. This is determined by an anonymous survey that is sent out to all employees to allow them to share their opinion on the workplace with 24 statements structured to allow the employee to either agree or disagree, it also gives them space to share information with full anonymity without feeling like their job might be in jeopardy if they’re honest. The survey is research-based and scientifically backed to produce results to be first given to our leadership team to review, analyze and take action before sharing with the rest of the team.

Successful employee engagement programs are informed by qualitative, objective data. These insights help organizations identify opportunities for improvement, build on strengths, and pivot when needed.


The Energage Workplace Survey– this survey assesses several factors, including 15 research-based culture drivers and three statements that measure employee engagement.

  • Commitment
  • Referral: When an employee is willing to stake their reputation on your organization, that shows they feel trust, pride, and commitment. Energage states.
    “At Top Workplaces, 88 percent of employees agree. But just 79 percent at average organizations are willing to refer their friends and family.”
  • Motivation: When employees are motivated, they see themselves as part of a team. Energage’s research states.
    “81 percent of employees at average organizations rated this statement positively. Yet at Top Workplaces, this number leaps to 88 percent. That’s a lot of unleashed potential!”

Companies all over the United States are working with Energage to help create a better work culture in a world full of work-from-home, hybrid and in-office jobs.

Since 2020, employers have struggled to create better work cultures for their employees through both an in-workplace and outside-the-workplace culture. With so many companies moving to a hybrid or strictly, work-from-home model – there are so many ways to lose employees if there isn’t a constant drive to continuously upkeep the workplace culture. A common term coined in 2020 is the “silent-quitting” term. This means only do the bare minimum because there is a lack of motivation, and no longer a need to be the “employee of the month.” At KidsCare, we have prided ourselves on continuously working to create a fun, creative, and motivating work culture both at the offices and outside them. Our HR team, based out of our Addison, TX office – works to have games, trivia quizzes, fun in-office events, and much more for all of our employees As we continue to expand, our Leadership team remains mindful of the ways to continue to engage our employees. Some of the opportunities we offer for our employees are:

  • Car allowances
  • Company Car
  • Career-Conversations/Growth Plans
  • Facetime with the Owner, COO, President
  • Annual staff conferences
  • Furthering education opportunities – tuition reimbursement
  • Professional Development Funds
  • Hybrid work schedules

These are just a few that KidsCare offers to our employees.

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Being a part of the listed Top Workplaces in 2023 is both an incredible opportunity and honor for KidsCare, and a worthwhile challenge. We look to these awards as a way to continue to create an innovative, friendly, motivating, and collaborative workplace because here at KidsCare, we C.A.R.E.!