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Why Working Parents Love Careers in Home Healthcare

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Being a working parent can be challenging. You’re essentially working two jobs. In addition to your 9-5 career, you have the role of being a parent which is a 24/7 job. Daycare, doctor appointments, kid activities, meals, bedtime – it can be difficult to juggle everything. Being a home health therapist gives you flexibility and is the perfect position for therapists who are parents. Home healthcare therapists work directly with patients in their homes. Here are a few reasons why working parents love being in home healthcare.

Home Healthcare Lets You Customize Your Schedule

A therapist’s schedule can vary depending on what type of environment they are working in. At most schools, private practices, hospitals, and clinics, the schedule is set for you and you aren’t able to modify it. As a home healthcare therapist, you are in charge of creating your own schedule. At KidsCare Home Health, you choose your patients and treatment times. Since you’re responsible for setting your schedule, you are able to plan around the needs of your family.

“At KidsCare, I am able to create a flexible schedule that works for me and my family. The entire culture here is very family-friendly, and offers several benefits that are wonderful for on-the-go, growing families like ours.”
—Claire, Speech Therapist

There is Flexibility in Home Healthcare

The home healthcare environment is flexible which is key in meeting the demands of your role as a parent which typically conflicts with the standard 9-5 schedule. Instead of being in the same setting and working the same hours every day, working in home health therapy gives you autonomy with your job and allows you flexibility in attending to the needs that naturally arise with being a parent. Having flexibility also allows you to work the hours you are most productive or have childcare available.

“Professionally, I love working for KidsCare because it is a truly ethical company that makes its patients’ needs a priority and always strives to do what’s in their best interest. Personally, you can’t beat the flexibility and autonomy you get as a home health therapist!”
-Karen, Clinical Manager

Home Healthcare Provides You Work-Life Balance

As a parent, the balance between your personal life and your work is important. Achieving a healthy work-life balance allows you time and energy to give to the relationship with your child and your life outside of your career. At KidsCare Home Health, we understand your challenges first hand – we are working parents too, we get it. Our company offers many perks such as customized scheduling and consolidated caseloads that support work-life balance.

“KidsCare is a Therapist run company and they really try to allow you to have a good work life balance.”
-Joe, Clinical Manager/Administrator

Home Healthcare Lets You Work with Patients in a Home Environment

As parents you know first hand that kids are most in their element at home and what therapy in their home means for the parents of our clients. With pediatric home health therapy, you have an opportunity to provide care for children in the familiar environment of their homes and truly see the impact and results of your work on a child and their family.

“I love that because of KidsCare I am able to work with my patients in the comfort of their own homes. Working with an entire family to achieve the most independent and functional life for a patient is an incredibly rewarding experience.”
-Kaci, Physical Therapist

If you are a parent searching for a job as a Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapist, a home health therapy position might be ideal for you. At KidsCare Home Health, we value work-life balance and flexibility for our therapists. Our goal is to provide our employees with benefit plans that fit their needs and give them everything they need to succeed.

If you are searching for a rewarding and flexible career in pediatrics, contact one of our recruiters or apply to one of our positions at KidsCare Home Health today!

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