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When looking for a health care company, whether to start your career or just to make a change, there are some important things to look for in a company. Your employer is who you will be spending a large portion of your time working with, so make sure you are checking these all off the list before signing on the dotted line.
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  1. Mentorship – Does the company offer any programs to assist you with your CFY year, or to answer difficult questions when working with new patients?
  2. Continuing Education – Does the company believe CEUs are something that needs to be checked off the list to keep your certification, or is this something that they value and assist you with, in order to help you grow in your career?
  3. Ethical Standards – In today’s world it can be easy to skirt around the edges. Do research on the company you are looking at to ensure they have a clean record, and ask questions in your interviews so that you know all state policies and procedures are being met. Asking additional questions about patient care is also important; so that you are sure they place a high standard of ethics on care – not just meeting the minimum requirements.
  4. Professional Organizations and Community Involvement – Finding a company that is involved in the community, and encourages professional development in organizations outside of the company will allow you to find opportunities for additional education, and learn from your peers. Companies that are highly involved in the community and your profession will most likely meet the other criteria on this list as well.
  5. Flexible Schedule – While our profession is important, we all have lives outside of our employment. Making sure you work for a company that allows you flexibility to enjoy your outside life will ensure you are energized to put your best foot forward while working.


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