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KidsCare Goes Bilingual

By February 4, 2014May 24th, 2024No Comments

Some of you may have already noticed, but the KidsCare website has gotten a bilingual facelift.

As a home health agency, it is in our nature to go one step further to accomodate our patients’ needs. KidsCare Therapy is committed to serving the needs of the communities across many counties in the state of Texas. These needs often vary across a broad spectrum of issues, in which KidsCare strives to accomodate our patients and their families.

We often work with programs to extend our service to the community past just therapy. For example, KidsCare’s Social Workers have advocated for many families that we have served. They continue to assist in obtaining medical supplies, educational materials, and other necessities through programs like our Children of Pregnant Women partnership.

Sometimes, however, the barrier that we help to accomodate and overcome is not one of of medical or economic means, but a simple issue of language.

KidsCare Therapy already employs many people who are bilingual to assist families whose first language is not english. The company has gone to great lengths to establish a cultural sensitivity that reflects those we serve, and is proud to announce the launch of  the Spanish site.

Mirroring our current English site, parents and providers will be able to access all the KidsCare information in whichever language they feel most comfortable, preventing confusion due to translation difficulties. In addition, much of our parent educational material and marketing material is following suit and will be available in both languages very soon, further establishing KidsCare as a leader in the pediatric home health community.

KidsCare Therapy takes great pride in the services that we provide, and with the further incorporation of Spanish within our printed and online materials, the company looks forward to better serving our community.

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