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A Strong Foundation

By November 3, 2010May 24th, 2024No Comments

Melanie Porras, Lead Client Care Coordinator

I would like to start out by saying that KidsCare Therapy is a great company to work for!  It is a very dedicated agency that caters to the needs of many children, both through therapy and by providing social workers with great experience to assist in other needs.

I have worked here less than two years, but I already know how fortunate I am to be with this company and staff.  I love what I do. I call families on a two month basis to complete a case conference with the clients’ caregivers. These calls are a way to update any information that has changed, along with answering any questions or addressing concerns the families have. I feel that this plays an important role in the company because it assures that the family’s needs are being met, and that there’s good communication between families and therapists. I also assist our Quality Assurance Director in other areas such as grievances and compliance issues, as well as attend numerous company events as a translator. It’s so fun to see the children and families of the community and offer them a great resource they often didn’t even know about!

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Emily, my supervisor, has done a tremendous job of educating me and assisting me with any questions I have. Emily has a very professional work ethic. She is open to new ideas, and very helpful in problem solving.  We are very lucky to have such a great Quality Assurance Director. It’s an important role, and she certainly fills it well.

In this position, I get to see the importance of each department and how their job roles make everything run smoothly make the work flow easier. I love working for a good company with tremendous room for growth.

I look forward to many years to come with KidsCare Therapy, and to watch them grow even further.

I would like to thank Jason and Cortney for making a strong foundation for this company!

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