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3 Things to Know When Looking For Your First Job as a Home Health Therapist

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Looking to become a home health therapist? Whether you are just starting your career or wanting to move into the home health industry, here are three important things you should know in starting the search for your first job as a home health therapist.

1. What Employers Are Looking For
They say you only get one first impression. When you’re applying for a job, that typically comes in the form of a resume, cover letter or recommendations. Home health recruiters are looking for therapists that are independent, organized, thorough, flexible, able to problem solve and overcome challenges. Be able to convey the skills you have to offer with examples to back them up. If this is your first job and you don’t have a lot of experience in the field, build up your resume with any internships you’ve had, seminars you’ve attended and continuing education courses you’ve taken that could be applied in a potential job. Have references and letters of recommendation ready to go. Ask your professors and past employers for letters of recommendation. Go ahead and put your references on your resume and be sure to notify anyone that you have listed as a reference.
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2. The Power of Networking
By making an effort to connect with recruiters, college professors and professionals in the industry, you’ll benefit from access to job opportunities, advice and support, and industry knowledge. Your college professors are a great resource to turn to for help in searching for your first job and finding positions for therapists starting out. LinkedIn is a powerful tool to meet professionals that can steer you along the right path and introduce you to others in the industry. Follow and connect with those who have your desired job. Ask them if they could meet or if you could pick their brain to gain a better understanding of their job, company or career. Search for home health recruiters on LinkedIn for companies that interest you and reach out to them about the type of positions they have available.

3. The Benefits of Having a Mentor
Mentorship opportunities are a huge part of what makes your career as a therapist successful. Being a new therapist in the home health industry can be overwhelming so it helps to have someone that can provide you with support and answer difficult questions when working with new patients. Having a mentor to learn from and grow with is a huge asset and can make transitioning to your first job easier. When applying and interviewing with companies, find out if they have a mentoring program for new graduates or opportunities to job shadow. At KidsCare, you receive one-on-one, hands on training and coaching in the field. We work hard to pair you with a mentor that is a good match for you and the territory you cover and the mentor program is tailored to your needs.

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If you are searching for a job as a Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapist, KidsCare could be the place for you! KidsCare Home Health invests in your future and helps you become the therapist you desire to be. Our mentorship programs are designed so that everyone gets the guidance they are looking for. Your success as a therapist is our focus at KidsCare Home Health.

Contact one of our recruiters today! We look forward to sharing more about KidsCare Home Health with you!

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